Returning to School 2020

Hoping you had a pleasant and relaxing break during the summer.

In June we issued our plans for returning to school in September . We are delighted to be welcoming back everyone to school pretty much as planned.

A letter and leaflet from the Dept Of Education is attached. It outlines the reasons why it is safe for our children to come back.

It is based on good hygiene standards , acknowledging social distancing at all times with adults and as much as possible with children.

There is also a focus on keeping children in “bubbles” which for us is their class and adult staff that work with them.

It is advised that primary school chijdren do not need to wear face coverings however that choice is yours but think very carefully about expecting a child to wear a face covering all day in school. Adults that work in schools are advised to wear face coverings if they so wish abd that choice is also theirs.

We will ensure tgst children will have frequent breaks and can avail of fresh air.

Likewise enhanced cleaning will be taking place also throughout abd at the end of each day.

We have also staggered arrival and departure times and reduced these to one pick up a day for parents with all children in a family coming and going to school at the same times ( slightly different for Nursery pick

Ups )

At this stage we need you to familiarise your children with the return to school. Start to talk about school - meeting their friends / teachers Bring them to school / show the entrances to school etc

As the advice indicates adult footfall in school will have to be minimised. We will have over 550 human beings in school. Therefore we are asking that parents do not come into school. All communication will be by phone or email. If a meeting is required this can be done in advance. As we have had to become used to in all other aspects of life This is for everyone’s safety .

Likewise we ask you not to congregate at the school gates . Older children including those with siblings are more than capable of walking up

the footpath to meet you at an arranged spot. It must be a hug and kiss at the gate ( if you are lucky ) and a wave in the mornings. Children will be going directly into their classrooms. Please do not drop off your child too early - we are unable to “bubble “ safety in the playgrounds in the morning

There will be school dinners served from 1st Sept but with limited choices. We will be moving to a cashless system called ParentPay but in the meantime we will carry on as previous.

As already mentioned in July our focus for the first two weeks will be on building on children’s confidence as they return to school. It will also give their teachers the opportunity to ascertain where the children are in terms of their educational


Children will return to school wearing their own clothes NOT Uniform for the first two weeks.

For their first day back they do not need any thing with them except their labelled drink bottle and a piece of fruit / sandwich in a labelled bag or container.

The only bag required will be a light over shoulder bag with string or small backpack ( these will hang over their chair - space is tight as it is )

No rucksacks / folders etc.

There will be a minimum in sending home/ taking in of equipment and books.

The return for next week is as follows - last year class names

P6/R6. Mon 24-Wed 26

915am- 1245pm

P1-P5. Thu 27 9am - 1200

R1-R5 Fri 28. 930am- 1230pm

Mrs Murphy Nursery Thu 9am siblings in Eng Med/ 930 siblings in Gaelscoil

915 others

Mrs Tiernan Nursery Fri

9am siblings in Eng Med/ 930 siblings in Gaelscoil

915 others

Pick ups are 12 for Eng med siblings , 1230 for Gaelscoil and 1215

Monday 1st Sept

Eng Medium 9-2

Gaelscoil 930-230

Nursery start times are as above but pick up tines May vary.

All children will go straight to their classrooms in the morning.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week

We are still a NUT Free school !

Ádh mór

Please see the attached Information below provided by the Minster for Education:

Letter to Parents and Carers from the Minister of Education


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