School Development Plan

The School Development Plan is an important tool that underpins how the school moves forward in a coherent and logical manner. School Development Planning involves the whole school body including staff, Governors, children and parents.

Cognizance is made of previous plans, new initiatives and advice from external bodies.  Development areas include Curriculum and Assessment/Staff Development; Pastoral/Ethos/ Staff Development; Whole School Issues/Staff Development; Parents and Community; Accommodation and Maintenance and Finance/Budget/Human Resources. However the under riding theme that impinges on all action plans is a focus on improvement and a raising of the pupils academic standards.

Action plans are produced for each development area. These action plans are characterised by having Key Issues which have targets and actions. A time frame and an indication of success criteria are also included. The plans are subject to regular monitoring and evaluation.

School Development Plans are produced to cover a three year span. They are however reviewed regularly and can be subject to amendment or otherwise.

We are currently reviewing our School Development Plan and it is due to be published in early 2011. This plan will guide the school in its development until 2013/2014. Detailed copies of the School Development Plan can be accessed in the school. It is however a fluid document and subject to change.