When we speak of the curriculum we are talking of the learning experiences that are present for each child. When planning our curriculum we take into the account the uniqueness of each child and his/her individual needs. St.Patrick’s aims to provide a broadly balanced curriculum in line with the new Northern Ireland (N I) Curriculum. 

The new N I Curriculum has being introduced gradually over a period of time to all age groups. The school year 2010/2011 sees all classes now following this curriculum. It is intended that this new statutory curriculum will also allow more discretion for teachers and pupils to meet individual needs and be more suited to 21st Century living.

There are three stages in the new NI Curriculum:

The Foundation Stage: Years 1 and 2

Key Stage 1:                Years 3 and 4

Key Stage 2:                Years 5, 6 and 7

The curriculum is set out in six Areas of Learning. Although the Areas of Learning are set out separately teachers will, where appropriate, integrate learning across the six areas to make connections for children. The Areas are:

Language & Literacy
Maths & Numeracy
The Arts
The World Around Us
Personal Development
Physical Education

At the heart of our curriculum lies an emphasis on the development of core skills and capabilities for lifelong learning and for becoming good citizens. Literacy, Numeracy and ICT are developed through all subjects areas as are the pupil’s thinking skills and personal capabilities.

The school is well resourced and has talented, committed and enthusiastic staff who strive to use these resources to provide the best educational experience for the children.